Bettes Acres is located between the cities of Buda and Kyle, Texas in a community named Mountain City.  Mountain City is about 3 miles west of I-35 and 10 miles south of Austin, Texas.   Rick and Priscilla Bettes are the owners of Bettes Acres.
Rick and Priscilla got into the horse business with the purchase of a young quarter horse.  They bred and raced quarter horses for several years before they discovered miniature horses.  Their interest was piqued by an article in the Austin newspaper about the Monastery Miniatures located in Brenham, Texas.  They went for a visit and met Sister Bernadette and received the full tour.  After that visit the rest is history!  They bought 4 acres of land and acquired 2 miniature mares.  As their herd grew they moved several times until they reached their present location.  They now have 30 acres of land and over 60 horses.  Both will agree that the most fun of all is seeing the new foals every year and watching them grow.  Rick and Priscilla have had quite a bit of success in the show ring even though they would be considered small breeders.  Many champion show horses live at Bettes Acres including several AMHA honor roll and top 10 horses.
They enjoy showing and talking about their horses, so if you are thinking about getting a miniature horse whether it be a pet; a possible show horse or just want to visit give Rick or Priscilla a call.
Bettes Acres
Miniature Horses
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